Leaf Pendant


The powerful smell of aromatherapy oils can support relaxation and stress relief, will aid mood and wellbeing, and can support the immune system and circulatory health.

A unique, locket style essential oil bracelet so you can now wear your essential oils anywhere.

Each aromatherapy necklace/bracelet includes 10 asstd. colours, washable and reusable highly absorbent synthetic felt pads

The highly absorbent felt pads hold on to the oils and allow the aromas to diffuse gradually over several days, which means you get the aromatherapy benefits without the danger of skin irritation and all while wearing beautiful jewellery

How To Use The Necklace Diffuser

  • Lift the front panel and add a few drops of your favorite essential oil or perfume to the washable felt pad.
  • Even better, use your favorite perfume
  • Refill with essential oil or perfume after a few days as needed

Diameter. 25mm
Chain length is 72cm.    28 inches        ( Hypoallergenic stainless steel )


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